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UNM Art Museum
The University of New Mexico Art Museum is a free, public museum located at the heart of UNM’s Center for the Arts.

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by Arif Khan, Director

“Indelible Ink” opening reception. Photograph by Stefan Jennings Batista

At the beginning of 2020, we had a much different vision for the University of New Mexico Art Museum (UNMAM). We started the spring semester with a full calendar of exciting exhibitions and programs to share with you, but like all other visitor-serving organizations, we had to be flexible and quick to adapt to the uncertainty and disruptions in our lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNM’s “Curriculum Development in Art Education” students in response to The Remix Room with León De la Rosa-Carrillo.

“Today is gloomy. It has been raining and snowing all day. I like it though. It is a nice indicator that the days are separate from one another.” Tiffany Reddford, UNM “Curriculum Development in Art Education.”

is an experiment in creative arts research and art museum education, curated by Traci Quinn. The exhibition represents the UNM Art Museum’s second installment of the Creative-In-Residence project. During Spring 2020, artist and educator León De la Rosa-Carrillo engaged UNM students in the exploration of remix as a form of critical inquiry and artistic practice. León was scheduled to visit UNM from March 30th — April 15th to work with UNM students. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, León’s residency…

Mary Lester Field’s Spanish Colonial Collection

by David Saiz, MA Student in Art History and UNM Art Museum Research Assistant

Figure 1, Image scan from Leona Mae Boylan, “A Study of Mary Lester Field, Collection of Spanish Colonial Silver,” (MA Thesis, University of New Mexico, 1967).

In the Fall 2019 semester, Paloma Barraza (MA Student in Art History and UNM Art Museum Research Assistant) and I were asked to work with Spanish Colonial artworks in UNM Art Museum’s permanent collection. We were excited to have the opportunity to work directly in collection storage and see artworks that, in some cases, have not been publicly viewed since 1967. With this blog post, I would like to formally introduce the “Mary Lester Field and Neill B. …

Instagram Q&A with Mary Statzer

Have you ever wanted to know more about curation or a specific exhibition at the UNMAM? Today we are introducing a new series: Ask A Curator, featuring Mary Statzer.

This has been a very exciting year here at the UNM Art Museum, and I want to specially thank you for your support that has made so much possible for us in 2019. Since I was hired as Director at the UNMAM over three years ago, I have emphasized student and faculty engagement from across UNM as a strategic priority for the museum and this year we welcomed two significant first time projects.

In the Spring Semester, Emergent 2019: New Student Videos from UNM marked the museum’s very first exhibition of student experimental films. Spring also saw the initiation of…

From its founding in 1963, the University of New Mexico Art Museum has emphasized the importance of collecting as a foundational element of our mission to educate, connect, and inspire. Now, as the largest fine art collection in New Mexico, the UNMAM’s permanent holdings of over 30,000 objects provide access to a unmatched selection of world class art for both UNM audiences and the larger New Mexico community. The question arises, how can the museum continue this legacy of exceptional collecting while remaining relevant and responsible to its stakeholders and audiences?

UNMAM gained early notoriety for its photography and print…

Author: Cheyenne Burton

This year, for the first time, the UNM Art Museum has acquired a portfolio of fine art lithographs created by students in their first semester at . This exciting acquisition highlights the contemporary applications of lithography as an art form, and honors the accomplishments of these emerging artists. Shelly Smith, Tamarind’s head of marketing and development, shares “Everyone is really excited about the acquisition. …

This April, the UNMAM will be celebrating spring with a focus on slowing down and enjoying the present moment. As finals loom closer and the semester draws to a close, it’s easy to get sucked into a never-ending spiral of busyness and anxiety. Inspired by , which will take place around the world on this coming Saturday, April 6, the UNMAM will be offering opportunities all month long to slow down and really look at the world around you.

Hayal Pozanti, A Soft Machine, 2014

On this coming Saturday, March 23, the UNMAM will be hosting the , a collaborative event with , , and . This annual event is focused on raising awareness of women and nonbinary artists by adding and editing articles about these artists in . Since Wikipedia is often one of the first and most common sources people search when looking for information about an artist, it is important to make clear, well-researched information about women artists available to the general public on this website.

In honor of this event, this week we…

UNM Art Museum

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