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UNM Art Museum
The University of New Mexico Art Museum is a free, public museum located at the heart of UNM’s Center for the Arts.

“Indelible Ink” opening reception. Photograph by Stefan Jennings Batista

“Today is gloomy. It has been raining and snowing all day. I like it though. It is a nice indicator that the days are separate from one another.” Tiffany Reddford, UNM “Curriculum Development in Art Education.”

Mary Lester Field’s Spanish Colonial Collection

Figure 1, Image scan from Leona Mae Boylan, “A Study of Mary Lester Field, Collection of Spanish Colonial Silver,” (MA Thesis, University of New Mexico, 1967).

Instagram Q&A with Mary Statzer

Author: Cheyenne Burton

Hayal Pozanti, A Soft Machine, 2014

UNM Art Museum

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